Friday, February 12, 2010

The Golden Wedding

A privilege has been granted to Uncle Sammy Stackhouse and his wife which is granted to a very few, that of celebrating a Golden wedding.  It took place on Christmas eve in the Odd Fellows Hall and was an affair long to remember by those present.  A half century is a long time, and they have seen this country grow and spread out over the fertile plain of the far West.  The Hall was crowded with friends, still many more would have been present had not the weather been so extremely cold.  Elegant and costly gifts were made to the venerable pair, testifying the regard and esteem of the givers.  The following is a brief synopsis of the fits present.
Mr. R. Coles and Lady and 67 contributors,
two chairs and a purse of $6.00
Masonic Lodge, $31.00, gold
R.J. Coles and 39 others, gold beaded cane
J.D. Lewis, $1.00
E.K. Gibbon, sack Golden Eagle Flour
A.E. Dent and 37 others, gold coin, $5.00
S.H. Mallory, gold coin, $5.00
Miss Maggie Palmer, $5.00
Mrs. M.A. Hatcher and  others, gold, $6.09
Mrs. A.U. McCormick, Misses Emma, Maggie,
and Nellie McCormick, gold, $5.00
North House School, 2nd Intermediate, 
1st Intermediate, Primary, 1st Primary, $13.50
North School Teachers, pair of gold glasses
Thos. Baxter, 25 cents
Blacksmiths of Chariton, $5.50
C.M. and Frank Gow, $5.00 gold
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McCormick, $10.00
R.A. Day, photograph and match safe gold
F.W. Fawcett, $1.00
David Gow, $1.00
Miss Joe Millan, 2 tidies
Mr. and Mrs. Custer, tablecloth
Mrs. John Bartholomew and others, dress pattern

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