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County Pioneer Family - Dr. E.W. Curtis

From the Chariton Leader - November 17, 1932

Dr. E. W. Curtis Writes:

In a recent issue of the Religious telescope, a United Brethren publication, with offices at Dayton, Ohio, appeared an article written by Rev. Dr. E.W. Curtis, of Des Moines, a former pastor of the U.B. Church in Chariton and who grew to maturity in Lucas County.  The article concerns one of the Lucas County's pioneer couples, Mr. and Mrs. T.D. Wallace, of Norwood, and family.  Mr. and Mrs. Wallace were  the parents of T.L. Wallace, of Chariton and will be well remembered by a number of our readers.  The article referred to is as follows:

"Mr. T.D. Wallace and wife and two little sons, Oscar and George, came in a prairie schooner pulled by oxen to Marion County, Iowa, in 1852.  Rev. J.B. Carr, a school teacher and United Brethren preacher, held meetings in a private house, and one night T.D. Wallace was converted.

Next morning Brother Wallace erected the family altar in his home.  His wife became a Christian, and the fire of that family altar continued to burn.  When the Civil war broke out, Brother Wallace enlisted and went to the front.  Oscar was then thirteen years old, and he and his mother kept up the family worship until the father returned at the end of the war.  The Chistian religion was a large thing with parents and children.

When Oscar grew to manhood he married Miss Emma Ham, the daughter of Rev. J.E. Ham.  Charley became a missionary under the American Sunday School Union, and did many years of excellent work.  William, now seventy-six years old, is a retired United Brethren minister at Grand Junction, Iowa.  The other special work for the Kingdom in that family cannot be easily reported.  To honor Christ and to be found in his service is their family motto.  And this family sketch is a part of our United Brethren history in Iowa.

Rev. J.B. Carr lived to be quite old and he and Rev. John Simpson and Rev. William Jacobs were long venerated as the only living charter members of the old West Des Moines conferences.  Could all these fragments be gathered up and written, of ministers and laymen, of public service rendered and Christian lives lived, it would make a book worthy of our labor."  E.W. Curtis, Des Moines, Iowa.

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