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Lester Clark - Cafè Owner

From the Chariton Leader - November 21, 1933
 Lester Clark Has Served Full Carload of
Coffee in 10 Years as Cafè Owner

Million Cups Have Crossed Counters - Tables in His Restaurants

In spite of conversation,, litigation, legislation and agitation concerning liquor, coffee remains Iowa's most popular beverage.

Comes now the case of Lester Clark, who for seven years has conducted Clark's Cafè on the southwest corner of the square here and for three years owned a cafè in Centerville, IA.

During the 10 years 1,000,000 cups of coffee have passed over the counters and tables of Mr. Clark's restaurants.

Records on coffee consumption were compiled by Mrs. Clark and a representative of the J.A. Folger Co. from whom Mr. Clark has purchased his supplies during the 10-year period.

The 1,000,000 cups of coffee required 20,000 pounds, figured on a basis of 50 cups to the pound.  And 20,000 pounds is equal to a standard size carload of coffee.

Statisticians did not determine how far the coffee would reach if one could place coffee end to end, or how much sugar and cream were required in the serving.

According to Mr. Clark, coffee is easily the leader in popularity among beverages.  During his long experience in the cafè business he has discovered other predominate eating habits.

In desserts, for example, pie is still setting the pace.  The favorite American plan of completing a meal, however, is closely pushed by ice cream, Mr. Clark said.

For meats the choice is largely roast pork with roast beef a close second.

Boiled potatoes and the American fried style are outranked by mashed and French fried types, he revealed.

Mr. Clark's coffee and other articles listed on the menu at his cafè have been served to persons living in all parts of the United States.  Located on a transcontinental highway, his restaurant is a popular stopping place for tourists.

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