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Letter to the Editor

From the Chariton Leader - February 13, 1948

Dated January 28th 1948
Chula Vista, California
Dear Editor,
To this writer it had occurred that some of your readers might be interested in knowing what has become of Pearl and Belle James, the youngest and last living children of Caleb and Dorcas James who resided on their farm two miles west of Chariton.  Miss Belle, the younger of the two, is living a healthful retired life in Hollywood, Calif.  For a number of years she was head bookkeeper and cashier of her brother's New Mexico business.

Dr. Pearl Robert James was born in 1866 on a farm near Chartion, Iowa.
He received his primary education in the public schools, supplemented by study in three Iowa colleges, and received his D.D.S. degree from the Iowa State University.

He practiced his profession in Ottawa, Illinois, more than twenty years or until his health gave way.  Then he sold his home and practice and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he basked in the ozone of that high and semitropic climate until he recovered sufficient health to formulate and organize the Smith-James Mercantile and Cattle Corporation, of which he was president for six years.

Then along came the first World War when he disposed of his half-interest in their ten thousand acre cattle ranch and their cattle, also sold his half-interest in the corporation's commercial holdings while the selling was good.  Just then, and without solicitation came an offer, which he accepted of a professorship in operative dentistry, supervisor of the dental clinic, and vice-dean of the dental department of the Nebraska State University.  His chief work there was to prepare  young men in oral surgery for the Army and Navy.  This position he retained until long after the war ended, then resigned to go to San Diego, California and retire.

But complete retirement for this active mind was not as easy as planned, so he bought an attractive apartment house, then constructed an auto court, operated these nine years when old age with its discrepancies suggested another attempt at retirement, which he accomplished by selling out and purchasing retirement membership for himself and his wife in the "Fredericka Home for Gentlefolk" in Chula Vista, California, which they found to be an ideal system of retirement for old people.
                                    Doctor P.R. James
                                    Chula Vista, California

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