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Elijah H. Morgan, Confederate Veteran

Chariton Leader – Mar 27, 1934
This article appeared in the Lucas County Genealogical Society Newsletter - January 2008

Military Rites Held Sunday for Confederate Soldier Who Was Nearing Age of 100
Here Half A Century
Was Wounded, Made Prisoner During
Famous Battles of War
                                       (This picture of E.H. Morgan's gravestone is from
                                        Frank Myers collection of Salem stones.  Thank
                                        You  Frank, Lynne.) 

     E. H. Morgan, Lucas County’s oldest citizen and only Confederate veteran of the civil war, was buried at Salem cemetery near Chariton Sunday afternoon.
    Mr. Morgan would have been 100 years old had he lived until next Nov. 4.  He saw action in major engagements of the war, was wounded in the furious battle of Sharpsburg, and was taken prisoner by the Union forces at Spottsylvania court house.
    Mr. Morgan for 51 years had been a resident of Chariton, living in a small cottage in the Brookdale addition.  He was once visited there by the widow of General Pickett, under whom he had served in several battles.
    Since January Mr. Morgan had lived with his daughter, Mrs. Vannie Moore, in Des Moines.  He died at her home Thursday.  Due to extreme age he had been in poor health for several years.  Funeral rites, conducted by the Rev. Harry Secor of the Chariton Baptist church, were held at Beardsley Funeral Home.  Services at the grave were in charge of the American Legion.
    Born in Farmville, Virginia, Mr. Morgan lived there until the beginning of the Civil War when he enlisted with the Confederate forces, serving in Company I, Twenty-third Virginia Ambulance Corps, known as the Central Guard.  His first taste of action was at Carracks Ford, West Virginia.  He was with Stonewall Jackson in Shenandoah Valley, with General Robert E. Lee in the Battle of the Wilderness, and with Lee and Jackson in the battle of Chancellorsville.  It was at Chancellorsville that Jackson was fatally wounded.  Morgan was one of the soldiers detailed to accompany the body to the Jackson home and served as honor guard at the famed general’s funeral.
    Morgan also fought with Lee in the Seven Days battles, was in the second engagement of Bull Run, and was wounded at Sharpsburg, termed one of the bloodiest fights of the war.  He was one of the few survivors under General Pickett after the battle of Gettysburg and at Spottsylvania court house with 12,000 Confederates was made prisoner and taken to Fort Delaware.
    A wealthy uncle of Morgan’s through President Lincoln was successful in obtaining his release from prison.
    Mr. Morgan once declared that on several occasions his brother, Silas, was among the Union soldiers whom he fought.
    Never a secessionist and not in favor of slavery, Morgan was loyal to his state and during the course of the war wanted the South to win.  At its conclusion he is said by friends to have accepted the Union triumph as the best result.
    After the war Mr. Morgan came to Iowa, first settling in Warren County and later coming to Chariton.  He was married in 1871 to Mary Elizabeth Clark, who died in 1916.  Two of five children preceded Mr. and Mrs. Morgan in death.  The three surviving children are Mrs. Vannie Moore of Des Moines, Mrs. Margaret Porter of Villisca and Paul of Chariton.  There are also four grandchildren, Mrs. Vera Schnee of Des Moines, Kenneth Moore of Earlham, Mrs. Inez Doggett of Villisca and Donald Porter of Chicago, Ill.’ And three great grandchildren, Mrs. Elizabeth Schnee of Des Moines and Shirley and Robert Porter of Chicago, Ill.
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Granddaughter Member of Confederate Order in Morgan’s Old Home Town

    Vera Moore Schnee of Des Moines, grand-daughter of the late E. H. Morgan, is a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy.
    Mrs. Schnee belongs to the chapter in Farmville, Va., where her grandfather enlisted in the Southern army. Records of the chapter, she said, reveal that Mr. Morgan was the last survivor of the company with which he served.
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Note:  Elijah H. Morgan is buried in the Salem Cemetery.  His stone only has his name and  unit on it. 

    The stone can be seen on:
web site.  Go into “Gravestone Search” and type in Morgan and click on Elijah H.  We looked up his obit so we could add his birth date and death date in the comment section.

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