Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gravestone Pictures from Lucas County Cemeteries

The Lucas County Genealogical Society research room at the Chariton Public Library seems to be a wonderful place to sit and reminisce about the past.  Three summers ago, Darlene and I were doing just that when she mentioned "Iowa Gravestones", a website where volunteers were placing photos of Iowa gravestones.  She had been placing photos to this site (and still is) where loved ones could find a picture of their relatives stones and they could make a copy of the picture without having to drive to Lucas County.  What a wonderful idea. 

There are 47 cemeteries throughout Lucas County.  Pictures have been posted from 30 of these cemeteries and volunteers are out taking more pictures.  I told her I would do Russell Cemetery since it was close to my home.  There will be over 3,000 pictures posted when I get done, just for this cemetery alone.  Chariton Cemetery is much larger than Russell, so you can see what a big job it is to get this project completed.  I understand there are over 500,000 pictures already posted to Iowa Gravestones from throughout the state of Iowa. 

Over 1400 Russell gravestone pictures were posted to the Internet site "Iowa Gravestones" during the last couple of years and just recently another 400 got done.  There are about 800 more that have to be taken and placed on the Internet.  

Click here:  "Iowa Gravestones", to check out the blog page to see a picture of all the cemeteries in Lucas County.  Also, if you need an obituary or any other family history for your loved one(s), click here: "Lucas County Genealogy Index", to find their name in the index, which is on line under the Chariton Public Library website.

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