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Wolf Hunts (continued)

From the Herald Feb 15, 1886
     Two grand wolf hunts have been arranged, the first one to take place on Saturday of this week; and the second one on Saturday of next week.
     For the first hunt the center will be the farm of John T. Robinson, south of Lucas.  The north line will be the C.B. & Q. R.R. with John T. Skidmore and Hugh Grimes as marshals.  The east line the wagon road running south from Funk's crossing to the Mormon trace road; with D.G. Bonnett and John Mauk marshals.  The south line, the Mormon trace road to the Clarke county line, with Capt. Huntley and A.J. Irwin marshals.  The west-line the Clarke County line, with J.W. Sprott and Harrison Fleanor marshals.
     For the second hunt the center will be that point on the Newbern road where the Tabernacle Camp Meetings were held; near Granville's coal bank.  The north line will be from a point one mile north of Oakley, to J.F. Spiker's residence, with Henry Spiker and Lew Kruntsinger as marshals.  The east line, the township line between Pleasant and English and; between Cedar and Lincoln, with Jos. Sanborn and David Hixson marshals.  The south line, the road running east past S. L. Bestow's to the east line of Lincoln, with Frank Wright and G.W. Harp marshals.  The west line, from the fair ground to Funk's crossing and; thence to one mile north of Oakley with W.C. Penick and Richard Beem marshals.
     The following rules will govern each hunt:  All lines must move promptly at 9 o'clock in the morning.  Halt one mile from the center and close up.  Then move at the sound of the marshal's horns.  Marshals will co-operate with each other and have charge of their respective lines.  If any marshals named cannot act they will please consult their neighbors and supply their vacancy.  No guns are to be carried.  Bring all the dogs that will chase or fight a wolf.
     Mr. Joseph Sprott, backed by a good many of the farmers, is our authority for saying that the south side wolf hunt which failed two weeks ago will positively occur on Saturday, March 20.
     The lines will be as formerly published.  The marshals will be the same as before; except that Captain Huntley will set as general marshal, and Wm. Campbell will act as marshal in Huntley's place.  L. Preston will set as marshal in place of Hugh Grimes on the north line.  W.E. Barnes and J.T. Robinson will assist in forming the lines one mile from the center, which will be marked by them with a large flag.
     All dogs should be tied, until wanted for the chase.
February 18, 1915
Don't Propose to Be Wolf Catchers Without Reward
     It is not the Leader's policy to print anonymous communications, but the following has been received and we hasten to give it publicity that the farmers may be warned from the impending danger from those who propose to retaliate for the lack of favor extended.  it threatens to cause a devastation by wolves more terrible than any yet recorded on the snow laid plains of Siberia and even now we seem to hear the coyotes howl dismally in the waste places and see the utter desecration of the sheep folds, while war, pestilence and famine stalks the earth.  Oh, countryman, withdraw our cruel edicts before it is everlastingly too late!  To the "city sports" I would admonish mercy.  Why cause general suffering because a few tyrant landowners have prohibited field guns and muskrat spears from their peaceable domains.
     "We should worry!  You farmers forbid us to hunt on your lands - just because we might accidently shoot your stock.  Now you ask us to help in your wolf hunt.  Some of us may go, and when after the hunt, you will forget our aid and again refuse us to hunt for small game on your land.  We would not be paid for our help.
     Are you treating us fair!  Guess we will stay at home and let the wolves eat your stock up.  How do we know but we will be arrested and fined if caught on your premises during the wolf hunt!"  Respectfully,  "City Sports".

(To be continued)

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