Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 Fair Reminder

The categories I have shown here may not be exactly correct, they are last years list, so bear with me.  You can contact Ev Brightman for a copy of this years booklet or call her for answers to any questions.

CLASS - Photographs (copies of photographs are accepted)

Ancestral portrait (1 or 2 persons)
Family group photograph (more than 2 persons)
Ancestral home photograph
Wedding photo
Pictorial family history or poster
Organized collection of family pictures
Ancestral church
4 or more generation photos (1 picture)
Miscellaneous photo or picture item

CLASS - Books and Legal Documents

Records from family bible
School records
Diary or ledger
Personal letter
Birth certificate
Marriage license or certificate
Land grant, deed, mortgage or record
Military record
Will or probate record
Church or religious material
Organized collection of documents
True story of the past, written by the exhibitor (limit 500 words)
Miscellaneous document

CLASS - Genealogical Research Material

Pedigree or family tree chart (shows parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. or an individual)
Lineage chart (shows blood relationships between any 2 persons)
Genealogical record book
Genealogical map
Family census records (three years)
Organized collection of newspaper research
Organized collection of genealogical research material
Family poster
Published family history
Miscellaneous research material

CLASS - Heirlooms and Artifacts

Scrapbook (clippings, greeting cards, etc.)
Small piece of silver
Piece of china
Kitchen utensil
Small household item
Small tool
Personal item
Religious item
Small toy
Child's clothing
Heirloom display

CLASS - Lucas County Heritage

Picture of early life in Lucas County

CLASS - Poster

Poster depicting the history of Lucas County town, township, organization, or event
Poster depicting the history of a method of lost art, craft, trade, or custom common to Lucas County

CLASS - Mixed Display

Visual Display (display may use items from all classes).  Display means "at a glance" or may be suitable for framing.

YOUTH - 5 through 16 years of age

A pedigree of lineage made by the exhibitor
A family pedigree
Family record book, compiled by the exhibitor
Genealogical poster
Map showing where ancestors lived
Photographs showing recent present home and an ancestral home
Any other not specified

Last year there were 105 entries using 48 of the 60 categories.  Twenty participants entered.  Seven were members who had participated previously and one member entered for the first time.  Six non-members entered who have participated before and four non-members entered for the first time.  A family member of one of the new participants state, "I think you have her hooked".  Also two youths participated. 

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