Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lucas County Cooperative Creamery

From the History of Lucas County 1978 book

Early in 1930 a group of Lucas County cream producers got together and promoted a cooperative creamery.  They held meetings and formed an association.  They made a drive to raise funds which was done by many people making pledges which when paid were loans drawing 6% interest.  The total cost of the building, the necessary machinery and equipment was $22,500.  They were ready to start operating in the fall of 1930.  Cream routes were established and work began.

A contest was held to give the butter a name "Pound o' Gold" was decided on.

A check-off of one cent per pound of butterfat was made and put into a revolving fund.  This fund was used only to repay loans that had been made to build the creamery.  These loans had been numbered as they were made and when paid off from the revolving fund, they were paid by number.  When all the original loans were paid off, the creamery became the property of the patrons.  When the patrons delivered butterfat to the amount of 1000 pounds a certificate of indebtedness was issued in ten-dollar amounts.  These were also numbered.  When all original debts were paid the old certificates were paid off beginning with Number 1.  Thus the ownership was constantly revolving.

The creamery was a success from the start.  It reached a production of one and a half million pounds of butter in 1962.  Butter was shipped to many destinations - two of the distant buyers were J.R. Cramer, and Zenith and Godley in New York.

Raymond Pim was the first president of the Lucas County Cooperative Creamery.  The first board of Directors included Burns Byrum, Tod Mauk, Andy Morrett, Paul Milnes and Charlie Wright.

The first creamery manager was Fred Carolus.  Later J.D. Fiete followed by Judson Burtch and the last one was Percy Ostrum.

Elmer Poush brought the first load of cream to the new creamery.  Every year following, and on the anniversary date, he sent the creamery a large bouquet of flowers.  Other cream haulers were Charley Hamilton, Earl Auxier, J.L. Hamilton, Clarence Foote, Paul Wright, Bill Agan, Burke Milnes, Hazel Morton, Troy Irving, Ivan Sullivan, Abe Throckmorton, Clarence Ansley, Russell Davis, Charles Best, Paul Robison, Walter Cain, Jack Kunch, Homer Chapman, David Pardoe, and Walton Cain.

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