Friday, June 25, 2010

The Party Line Club

From the History of Lucas County 1978 book

Mrs. Ben Peterson welcomed seven women into her home in the year 1925 and as they were visiting, they decided to have a neighborhood club.  For a lot of women in those days, they did not have to work, so their afternoons were open.  They met in the afternoon and did sewing, quilting, and mending for the hostess.  This is how the 'Neighborhood Club' began.  In 1937 their club had grown to twelve members, who were all on the same telephone line.  They did a lot of visiting on the telephone, so they decided to change their name to the Party Line Club.  In the winter months they had an all day meeting with a potluck dinner at noon.  Back in those days they had mud roads and weather was bad.  Their husbands would take them with a team and wagon and would stay and visit, too.

They paid dues once a year and took a penny collection each month to buy flowers for the family that had lost a loved one.

They had served the Senior Citizens group of Chariton and the farm sales many times through the years.  During World War I, they sewed bandages, made lap robes, knitted socks and sweaters for the soldier boys and sent packages of candy, gum and razor blades overseas, as many of them had sons in the service.  Through the years the club had done many things to help people who weren't club members.

They had sixty-two members belong to the club in the fifty-two years it was active.  They had twenty-two deceased members.  At the time this story was written they had eighteen active members, three members who were able to attend occasionally.  Mrs. Margaret Randl, who was ninety-nine years old, passed away in 1974.  She missed very few meetings.  Two charter members were still living in 1977, Mrs. Grover Dale and Mrs. Edith Potts.

On May 12, 1977 they celebrated their anniversary with a trip out of town, visiting different places.  They have secret pals each year for birthdays and Christmas exchange gifts.

All in all, they have had a very active club for the past fifty-two years.

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