Friday, June 11, 2010

Wolf Hunts (continued)

The Wolf Crop
April 1906
It is reported that the wolf crop is going to be immense this spring.  F. L. Pim, of Jackson Township, brought to the auditors office Tuesday, a crop of an even dozen young whelps, which he had gathered in the day before.

The bounty upon these young sheep killers amounted to twenty four dollars.  This is the same as finding money.  Why wouldn't it pay the farmer to pay more attention to the propagation of wolves, and do less hard work.
Dec. 1910
The English Township wolf hunt, which was held yesterday, adjourned until a later date.  The dog of Ed. Spiker and John Ragins caught one that got out of the ring.  One wolf was shot.

Proved Great Success From Social and Sport View

About 30 hunters from town and country joined in the great wolf hunt as a means of celebrating Washington's birthday.  The going was soft and the weather chilly, so the number engaged in the drive was not as large as expected.  Two wolves were sighted but both got away where the lines were not fully manned.  At May Church the Ladies Aid Society had prepared a lunch of coffee and sandwiches.  The Chariton boys cannot say enough about the generous portions and the delicious quality of the eats.  Altogether it was a very successful hunt, with no casualties, even to the wolves.


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