Friday, July 02, 2010

Chariton Airport

From the History of Lucas County 1978 book

After World War II, flyers used the Otto Brown airstrip across the road from the sale barn north of town.  Otto Brown loved to watch airplanes and believed the activity was good for the city as well as his business.  Meanwhile, the city started construction of a municipal airport west of town on Highway 34, where it is now located.

The first airport commission was Bob Jones, Druggist, Charles Rowe, Jeweler, Wm. Stuart, Lawyer, Lloyd Moore, Flyer, and Wm. Perkins, Engineer.  Using U.S. State and local funds the airport has been improved to where it is one of the best landing fields in this part of the state.  Now equipped with an all weather runway, radio, beacon, lights, repair facilities, storage hangers and an administration building.  Dwaine Dunigan manages the airport at this time.  Les Larrington has farmed the part of the land not used by the airport operation for many years in partnership with the city.

The airport is a skyharbor, giving Chariton a connection to everywhere.

The Civil Air Patrol came into being when a group of private flyers offered their personal planes and volunteered their services to patrol the coastline for submarines or other enemy craft.  At that time there were not enough airforce planes or personnel to do this and the huge training job ahead.  Later in the War the C.A. P. was made an auxiliary unit of the Air Force.  The W.S.A.F. furnished all sorts of surplus material for training of cadets in the C.A. P.  The cadets then had an invitation to join the Air Force or civilian air related work.  Many of our local people went on to good careers in air transportation.

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