Friday, October 08, 2010

Why the Name was Selected - Charitone

From the June 26, 1923 Chariton Leader

It Preserves the Sentiment of History and is
Pleasing and Romantic

The question may be asked why did W.D. Junkin select the name "Charitone" for the new hotel.  And the answer would be for the best of reasons, in the first place it is a monument to local history, and in the second place because it identifies itself with the town in which it is built without sounding prosy and commonplace.  Could you have picked out a prettier name than "Charitone"?  Note the rhythm and soft accent.  It is a French name and has been associated with this part of Iowa and northern Missouri ever since civilization began to push farther out into the wilderness - when yet the tribes inhabited the wild lands bordering the stream making its grand sweep thru Lucas County, and thence to the south east, emptying into the Missouri and thence its waters are carried to the sea.  Many generations ago, even at the dawn of the new west, an adventurous trapper and trader among the Indians by the name of Pierre Charitone first penetrated these whilom wilds and the river bore his name, except that the English version pronounce it "Chariton", dropping the final "e", but the origin has never been lost sight of.  And finally when the capitol of Lucas County was located it was a happy thought to designate it by the name of the river, which bore its tidewaters towards the gulf.  And so now that the new hotel is christened the return is made to the original historic "Charitone".  When it is opened to the public there will be this romance of history cling about it and the traveler who seeks its comforts and hospitality will be linked to the past as though it were a voice that had spoken.

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