Saturday, November 06, 2010

Our Family History Rooms at the Chariton Library

The Chariton Public Library is very proud to have a wonderful organization in its Family History Room in the basement of their building.  This organization, The Lucas County Genealogy Society, has gathered and kept records on residents in Lucas County since 1976.  

There are hundreds of family history books, a well indexed list from local newspapers (which is on the Internet and available to everyone at ) military books, pictures and much more.  The response to this on-line site has been amazing.

These two rooms are very crowded, so last summer several of the volunteers met at the library for a "Clean-up Day".  They cleaned shelves, moved stuff around and now have a little more room.
The Family Sheets and/or Family Histories are now on the south wall and wrap around on the West wall for about a foot.  The Military books and records are now in the north room.  The other states items are now back in the stack room as they weren't being used.  They are still in the process of getting all the other things that were on the south wall into the north room or on the west wall.

They think it is a big improvement and hope everyone will come see the changes.  They can now accommodate researchers better, which they really enjoy doing.

The information in this room would not be available if it were not for the volunteers.  The organization is very proud of these people and all they do to keep the information organized.  They work constantly adding more and more to this collection.

Be sure you schedule a visit to this part of the Library the next time you are in Chariton.

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