Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Law Center Deemed 'Endangered' by Preservation Iowa

written by Sandra Knebel
Chariton Leader January 24, 2012

The old Lucas County Law Center has been listed as one of the state's top 10 Most Endangered Properties for 2012 by Preservation Iowa (formerly known as the Iowa Historic Preservation Alliance.)  Listed as the Lucas County Sheriff's Residence and Jail, the building dates back to 1916.  The Chariton Historic Preservation Commission submitted the nomination to the Endangered Properties list in December.  The Board of Supervisors were informed that the nomination was submitted after meetings to discuss any options that might be available for the jail.

For nearly 25 years the National Trust for Historic Preservation has spotlighted places that are endangered as a catalyst for communities everywhere to fight for the irreplaceable landmarks that define the past.  The mission is to save great moments in history with preservation of the special buildings and historic sites that are gradually slipping away.

In the case of the jail, the roof of the building is severely deteriorated and may not withstand another severe winter and/or significant rain amounts.  Currently, the Board of Supervisors plan to demolish the now empty building if no other use or owner can be found by the spring of this year.

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