Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hotel Charitone is Almost Finished

Pictured is a view of the front of the Hotel Charitone building which is nearing completion.  The final inspections of the apartments are being done right now and they should be ready to open around January 1st.  (Bill Howes photo)

All 12 apartments have been reserved and the tenants are now signing leases.
Right now workers are working on the north tenant entrance, which should also be done by January 1.  They're also working on final inspections of the elevator.  There are four apartments on each of the second, third and fourth floors.  On each of these floors there are three two-bedroom apartments and one one-bedroom apartment.  The rent for the apartments ranges from $600 a month to $950 a month.  This includes most utilities  such as water, gas and electric.  
The ground floor will have both the restaurant and lounge.  The restaurant is called Hy-Vee Market Grill and the hope is that it will be done in March 2014.

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