Thursday, October 31, 2013

Midwest Heritage Bank Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Midwest Heritage Bank holding pumpkin decorating contest

Throughout this week, Midwest Heritage Bank is holding a pumpkin decorating contest. All are welcome to visit the bank lobby and cast their vote for their favorite pumpkin. Individuals can vote by placing their dollar in the pumpkin of their choice and the pumpkin that generates the most money will be deemed this year's winner! 100% of the proceeds from the contest will be donated to Children's Cancer Connection. To learn more about the large variety of programs and services centered on enhancing the lives of families affected by childhood cancer, visit their website at

U.S. Bank Awards $500 Grant

U.S. Bank Foundation awards $500 grant to Lucas County Area Agency on Aging

U.S. Bank Foundation recently awarded a $500 grant to Lucas County Area Agency on Aging.  The grant funds were approved for general operation support.  U.S. Bank Foundation is pleased to be financial supporters of the agency and happy to be able to help them continue to offer their services to the community.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hay Bale Art Contest Winners

Chariton Herald-Patriot  October 10th
Bill Howes Associate Editor

The second annual Hay Bale Contest judging was held at Pin Oak Lodge on October 8th.  The celebrity judges selected four winners and one honorable mention.
The People's Choice voting portion of the contest where the public chooses their winner will continue through Nov. 1st.  After Nov. 1st, the People's Choice votes will be tabulated and awards will be given in each of the categories.
Lyle Asell, the coordinator of the contest and the chairman of the Hay Bale Art Committee, presided over the event held at Pin Oak.  Asell welcomed everyone to the judging and told the audience that this is the second year the event has been held.  "We have seen a lot of creativity and had a lot of fun," Asell said.
Asell said there were 26 entries in the contest this year.
Wendy Wintersteen, Professor; Ph.D., Iowa State University and dean of the ISU College of Agriculture selected the hay bale sculpture of a fisherman and a pup at the Lyle Asell residence at 49423 245th Trail in Chariton as her winner.  "It was explained to me that the fisherman walked through a pasture to get to a stream and stepped on a cow pie, which is on the bottom of his boot," Wintersteen said.
Storm and Briggs selected their winner next and chose the dog sculpture at Lockridge, Inc. at 503 S. 16th in Chariton.  "We chose this because it's very creative and took a lot of work.  The painting is really good and the sculpture is very cool-looking," they said.
John Glenn chose his winner to be the Christmas tree sculpture at Hunter Brothers Tree Farm at 20483 490th St. in Chariton.  "I was impressed at them being able to get up that high.  Also, it made sense for a Christmas tree farm to have Christmas tree art there", he said
Glenn also selected an honorable mention sculpture, The domino sculpture with the words "Protect Rathbun Lake" at the top.  This is in the yard of the Bruce and Kathleen Chester residence east of Chariton at 27297 Hwy 34.
Mayor Mansor chose his winner next and chose the train sculpture at the Dan and Shantel Dow residence at 44167 310th Ave. South in Russell.  Their two boys, Sawyer and Carver, built the sculpture.  
Below this article are some more sculptures you might enjoy looking at.