Thursday, June 26, 2014

Demolition Work Begun on Old Law Center Building

Chariton Leader, July 1, 2014
Bill Howes Associate Editor

   Demolition work has begun on the old Lucas County Law Center building on Linden Ave in Chariton.  Savage Dirtworks LLC began tearing down the building on June 26th. 
   It will cost approximately $22,000 to tear the building down and refurbish the land it's on back to lawn.  The money to pay for this will come from the local option sales tax out of the 2015 fiscal year county budget.
   Lucas County Supervisor Steve Laing said he didn't know how long it would take to tear the building down.  "We haven't asked for a time limit on it," he said.     Laing said that when the demolition is completed, the lot the building is on will be filled in with compacted clay, a top coat of dirt and seed.  It will then be a vacant lot.
   The law center building was built in 1923 and it had outlived its usefulness.  "The building was beyond upkeep for responsible restorage.  The cost of repair was almost prohibitive.  The roof on it was also coming in and repairing the roof wasn't  a practical solution," Laing said.
   Earlier this  year, Ames Environmental Inc. of Slater was hired by the count to inspect the old law center to determine if asbestos was in it.  They did the initial inspection of the building and took all the samples to determine where the asbestos was.  Asbestos was found in just two places including around the edges of the roof lining where it was sealed.  There was also a very small amount found it in the furnace duct work.
   REW Services in Des Moines was hired to remove the asbestos.  The cost of this was $4,300 and will be paid for from the local option sales tax out of the 2015 fiscal year county budget.
   Laing's father, Mahlon Laing, actually lived in the old law center building while Mahlon's father, P.T. Laing was the sheriff during the mid 1940's.  At that time, there was an apartment above the law center where the Sheriff and his family lived.  Laing's mother, Vera Laing, cooked meals for the prisoners in the apartment's kitchen.

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