Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Project SEARCH Graduation

Chariton Leader, June 10th
Sandra Knebel, Staff Writer

Project SEARCH Graduation Celebrates Students with Disabilities

A few short weeks ago across the nation hundreds of thousands of students graduated, but it was a graduation of only five that drew the attention of just over fifty people in the Education Center at Lucas County Health Center on June 3rd.  Congratulations were the order of the day for the Project SEARCH class of 2014.  Project SEARCH is a training and education program for students with disabilities.  Excited and nervous to graduate, the five students expressed the same feelings of most graduates on graduation day.  But unlike other graduates, these five were graduating with more than a diploma.  Thanks to Project SEARCH, they are each ready for a career.  Two students, in fact, are already filling open positions at Lucas County Health Center, who partnered with Mosaic to provide this unique training and employment opportunity. 

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